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Another dumb casualty [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Charlie Webster

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(no subject) [Mar. 17th, 2004|08:11 pm]
Charlie Webster
Read this

this was such a great article on the commercialization of music, even better was that it was written by the doors drummer. WORD.
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i wish it was the sixties i wish i could be happy i wish i wish i wish something would happen [Mar. 7th, 2004|08:34 pm]
Charlie Webster
The whole deal with being a teenager and why its so sucky and angsty is because we're stuck in it. Like you're stuck with the hormones, stuck in your parents house, stuck in school, you cant really live your life, you jsut have to wait for it, wait for your lfie to really begin, cause at 17 you're only a 1/4 of the way there and its the next two quarters that are really real life. I'm just sick of highschool, I dont wanna drop out or anything i jsut wish it would speed up, ya know, get to the good stuff.
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think about this [Mar. 7th, 2004|12:39 pm]
Charlie Webster
[how you duin'? |chipperchipper]
[ze sounds of ze moment |warsaw-joy division]

When the routine bites hard
and ambitions are low
And the resentment rides high
but emotions won't grow
And we're changing our ways,
taking different roads
Then love, love will tear us apart again

Why is the bedroom so cold
Turned away on your side?
Is my timing that flawed,
our respect run so dry?
Yet there's still this appeal
That we've kept through our lives
Love, love will tear us apart again

Do you cry out in your sleep
All my failings exposed
Get a taste in my mouth
As desperation takes hold
Is it something so good
Just can't function no more?
When love, love will tear us apart again
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(no subject) [Mar. 6th, 2004|09:43 pm]
Charlie Webster
The Dreamers was just so beautiful. Really really beautiful. The best part was this scene where they were all in the bathtub and each one was shown in a different part of this 3 piece mirror. It was so perfect. Ah tonight was goodness.
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(no subject) [Mar. 4th, 2004|08:34 pm]
Charlie Webster
sick, sore and bleeding...yaaaaaaaaaaay
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(no subject) [Mar. 1st, 2004|11:36 pm]
Charlie Webster
[ze sounds of ze moment |for all the cows-foo fighters]

i got shat on today
shawn says its good luck
time shall tell
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i dont care who knows anymore... [Feb. 29th, 2004|12:11 am]
Charlie Webster
[ze sounds of ze moment |you know your sad about love when you listen to norah jones]

life is sucky as of late. And i need a boyfriend. Being in love with your best friend who you havent seen sicne before you left for vacationa and who is hanging out with other people and having fun sucks balls. Hookign up with a guy who you didnt like but then grew to like who cant possibly have a relationship with you because he has one with someone else sucks balls too. Losing your virginity to someone who you dont love and arent really sure if you even like and cant even get attatched to even though most girls get attatched to the guy they lsoe it to also sucks even more balls. Then beign careless about the one guy who showed real interest was stupid of me and also sucks major balls. So if anyone tells me my life doesnt suck they can shove it up their ass because my head is in all sorts of places and i cant seem to just be happy.
And above all i miss you, all of you.
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"carlas limitations are but the limitations of humanity" [Feb. 28th, 2004|04:09 pm]
Charlie Webster
best recommendation ever! I have cleaning and homework and writing to do.
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(no subject) [Feb. 26th, 2004|12:17 am]
Charlie Webster
[ze sounds of ze moment |maps-yeah yeah yeahs]

i just dont know anything anymore
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(no subject) [Feb. 24th, 2004|11:33 am]
Charlie Webster
i should go back to school soon, or else im going to get used to the idea of not being there and then when i am there i'll go into shock and freak out. Plus i wanna see people that i havent seen for weeks and people i saw two days ago. haha.
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home, home on the range [Feb. 22nd, 2004|05:32 pm]
Charlie Webster
IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! JUst caught up on the livejournal lives of my friends and seems all is well. I feel as though i've missed so much, and things have developed and i just like was completely taken out of th eequation whatever i was chizillen an spain. Spain was very very good, im glad to be home and also unhappy to be home. Details will be kept to those there and very very very few, i feel as though they're better kept to myself, and theyll be appreciate dmroe. Anyways i might retire the livejournal.
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dances [Feb. 20th, 2004|02:49 pm]
Charlie Webster
i got some good butt. the end.
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aaaaaaaah im in barcelona [Feb. 19th, 2004|12:08 am]
Charlie Webster
barcelona...the churches dont have windos but the graveyards do...
maria lombardi is y rayanne graff, i drink now and like it yummmmmm. Anyways trip=good fun. Whorehouses, crazy clubs, peep shows, bars, hotel rooms, good good stuff. I´ll be bac soon
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(no subject) [Feb. 13th, 2004|10:22 am]
Charlie Webster
byebye im leavin soon, you know what sucks that stupid sophmore lauren is going on the trip ugh.
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call me if ur cool [Feb. 13th, 2004|12:35 am]
Charlie Webster
[ze sounds of ze moment |erykah badu-love of my life]

2/14-2/17 :: 34 915 22 47 90
2/17-2/19 :: 34 932 19 12 04
2/19-2/22 :: 00 34 971 402811

imma try and go online and stuff so you can email me or whatever.
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goin' to spain...why am i nto excited? [Feb. 12th, 2004|11:15 pm]
Charlie Webster
Im going to spain tomorrow, should be fun. It'sa beautiful country. TOnight was um...melancholy(s/p?)..yeah. But Dan brouhgt me to williamsburg and i love him for that. Now i must pack. Everyone have a good vacation and valentines day. mwa.
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s pOn g e788: i think im having carla sickness [Feb. 10th, 2004|07:48 pm]
Charlie Webster
Agh i miss my Showaaaaaaaars! I wish i wasnt absent so much so that i could have gone to see you on Friday. But when i see you im gonan make it crazy good, and itll be fantabular.

In other news i wanna travel to the seventies and run around my school on a motorcycle blasting richard hell. cause how fun would that be?! SO FUN!
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everybody needs some time on their own [Feb. 9th, 2004|11:21 am]
Charlie Webster
[ze sounds of ze moment |guns n roses]

So i finally finished High Fidelity, reading on the bus, got off the bus continued to read as i walked, continued to read holdign the book in oen hand fublming for my keys in the other, still reading as i walked through the doors and took off my coat, sat down continued to read the last few pages then finished. Yeah.
Tomorrow i will be missing periods 1-3 due to another fucking immigration apt. agh, so annoying.
I was thinking about the books I read, they are basically about average people doign average things that fro some reason are exciting and interesting. My question is why is it these book are all abotu twentysomethings and thritysomethings. WHy can't there be a good book about an average teenager doign average things that are exciting, without all the angst. I mean there are movies, but why no books? Besides Catcher in the Rye. And why are they always abotu men? It's like when a guy is all sulky over a girl its more interesting when a girl is depressed abotu a guy. Is it expected for the girl to feel and not the guy. Whatever man i'm off to write stupid college essay crap about hiking.
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(no subject) [Feb. 7th, 2004|12:38 am]
Charlie Webster
Tonight was like one of those nights where you have the notion that something horrible is going to happen. I mean like, everything is already messed up so why not completely fuck it all up. But then its like, you get hoem safely and just go straight to the comfort of you bed. Nothing happens. At all. In some ways its like, a dissapointment, but in others you're kinda releived you didnt get fucked.
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(no subject) [Feb. 6th, 2004|09:46 pm]
Charlie Webster
[ze sounds of ze moment |gypsy death and you-the kills]

today was...fine...then there was sing...then today became like depressing. Sometimes it's hard to realize when things are slipping away until you see it in front of your eyes.

It'll be my birthday in 1 week, it'll be valentines day in 1 week, i'll be in Spain in one week. And i feel as though those who matter, dont care.

I would eat ice cream and watch a movie to feel better, but the ice cream would just make me sick so i'll stick with the video. I also went walkign through the East Village in the rain, that helped a bit. Actually it helped a lot. I still have to figure things out though.
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my father aggravates to an extent i dont think anyone else is possible of [Feb. 4th, 2004|04:44 pm]
Charlie Webster
At immigration my father could not say she is my daughter because they would assume birth daughter and then citizenship questions and all that would arise. So he referred to me as "my wifes daughter" ahaha could he just not say step-daughter considering that is what i am. I don't understnad how my mother puts up with how much of an ignorant asshole he is, not to mention he functions and articulates like a friggin 10yr old.
Then all day he kept saying i dont know how to make the right decisions for myself, hes like you chose to go to bronx science i todl you to go to brooklyn tech. Hes such an idiot. Then he goes all you're choosing colleges for the wrong reasons. Im choosing colleges that have good programs for all the things i want to study. ALl he goes in nyu nyu cornell cornell. One...i cant get into those schools two...if i did he wouldnt elt me go unless i got a schlorship. all he wants is for me to be close by he doesnt care what i study or if im happy, all he wants for me is what he wants even if itd make me unhappy. Then he yells at me saying how im incoveniencing him with my plans to go visit colleges uuuuuuuugh. Oh get this...apparently he thinks i'm not ready for college since i dont know what i want to do. And he thinks that i should do somethign where i can make a lot of money even if i dont like it. This is why i cant spend time with my father because at the end of the day im jsut a big ball of rage that wants to hit something very very hard.
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(no subject) [Feb. 2nd, 2004|11:12 pm]
Charlie Webster
piss off
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dootdootdoooo [Feb. 1st, 2004|02:28 am]
Charlie Webster
Went to the North Six for a concert. SOem crazy band from down south opened, they were alright, vocalistic could shreik like crazy. The second badn teh Hold Steady were dooooooooo friggin good. I spotted "Ted: this crazy dredded blonde haired guy who was spaz dancing. Oy so cute. And chelsea saw a jew boy. Ezra left cause of his mommy, that boy aggravates me. We moved down for the last band near "Ted" who's name is really Ashton, and he was even cuter p close. ah my night was good. i am now home and chelsea is sleeping here. Dan you were missed.
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its ironic how i was reading this... [Jan. 31st, 2004|01:08 pm]
Charlie Webster
...while Wonderwall by Oasis was playing on my computer. I think the combination of the two had an effect on me. Anyways a friendtype person wrote this. And however cynical it may be its pretty on point. I mean think about when its 3am in the morning and everyones gone to sleep and yoru sitting there crying, is anyone thinking about you? And could you even call for help, or is it too late? Like there are restrictions as to when you can ask for help, only feel needy between the hours of 7 and 11. So go read it, if anything it'll make you think.
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(no subject) [Jan. 30th, 2004|01:44 pm]
Charlie Webster
[ze sounds of ze moment |travis-love will come through]

Do you ever have these thoughts, and like if you don't write them down immediately they'll escape your mind forever? It happens to me all the time...
I was thinking today that my life could be looked at as a cellphone, mainly the ringtones. There are all these options to choose from, some are pretty, some are boring, others plain weird, but to actually make the decision is quite annoying. You have to go through and listen to all of those choices until you just get fed up and pick one. And like the decision is so pointless that you make it in places where you have nothing better to do, and you become a disturbance to others. God i hate those people playing with the tones on their phone on the bus its so...annoying. But that's what life is isnt it, just a lot of different choices and decisions that at often times effect and annoy other people.
On the bus today i was looking at this bus pull out from the stop in front of us. And i thought to myself that everything has its own personality. Cars and shoes totally do. I look at certain models of cars and shoes, and anaylze their personalities...likes if they are boring, book worms, sluts, crazy. It totally works though, any thing made by man has a personality, because man has so many personalities that whatever they make reflects that. Whether it be a reflection of who they are or who they want to be.
So that's my nonsensical ramble, or maybe it actually does make sense i dont know...but it's what i was thinking on the bus today, and for once i actually remembered.
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